Since 1843 this church has been a spiritual home for the people of Melbourne, a community of faith with its doors wide open. Whether you live or work in the city or you're visiting from some other place, know you'll always be welcome at the Collins Street Baptist Church.

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  • Fullstop theology
    Dear Jeff, Thanks for your letter. I’m glad you’ve taken time to write. Clearly you’ve read the things I have written on homosexuality and, more recently, in support of same-sex marriage. I am sorry you’re not happy with me. The truth is you join a good number of people who are disappointed by my views. Apparently […]
  • An evening prayer
    Early last month I spent a week on the far north coast of England. With a distant view of the cold North Sea, I stayed at Nether Springs, the Mother House of the Northumbria Community. It’s here a small group of men and women live, work and pray according to the daily rhythms of a semi-monastic […]
  • We Baptists need to talk
    A few weeks back Victorian Baptists had a difficult conversation. It was all to do with marriage, more particularly our response to the possibility of same-sex marriage in Australia. Anticipating future change to the Marriage Act to include same-sex couples, a motion had been tabled to affirm our Baptist commitment to marriage as between a […]
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