Since 1843 this church has been a spiritual home for the people of Melbourne, a community of faith with its doors wide open. Whether you live or work in the city or you're visiting from some other place, know you'll always be welcome at the Collins Street Baptist Church.

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  • Sunlight and the Word
    From time to time a favourite niece provides words that speak gently, deeply. I am always grateful. These are from the poet Tony Hoagland. The Word Down near the bottom of the crossed-out list of things you have to do today, between ‘green thread’ and ‘broccoli,’ you find that you have penciled ‘sunlight.’ Resting on … Continue reading Sunlight and the Word
  • Bunnings and the Church
    Twice in the last month I’ve listened to respected business leaders share insights from the corporate world with gatherings of church leaders. Clearly, we are not their typical audience but their presentations were well made and challenging. Both identified characteristics of ‘high performing’ companies and prodded us to explore the implications for the local church. … Continue reading Bunnings and the Church
  • I can’t help myself
    After twenty-eight glorious days of writing leave, I’ve returned to work this week. Though it’s been a bumpy landing — all about me, no one else — I’m glad to come back to a good job, good colleagues and a terrific community, and all in Melbourne’s best neighbourhood. And I’m grateful, too, for an employer who still … Continue reading I can’t help myself
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