Since 1843 this church has been a spiritual home for the people of Melbourne, a community of faith with its doors wide open. Whether you live or work in the city or you're visiting from some other place, know you'll always be welcome at the Collins Street Baptist Church.

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  • The Dressing Prayer
    A Celtic prayer for daily life This day I bind around me The power of the sacred Three: The hand to hold, The heart to love, The eye to see, The Presence of the Trinity. I wrap around my mortal frame The power of the Creator’s name: The Father’s might. His holy arm, To shield […]
  • Tim Foster and the ‘burbs
    When there’s ‘bugger all’ on the bookshelf that addresses the unique challenges of Australia’s urban and suburban neighbourhoods for the mission of the church, the arrival of a book like Tim Foster’s The Suburban Captivity of the Church is worth cheering for. Books like this one flow in a steady torrent from North America, but the […]
  • Thomas Kelly on tenderness
    “There is a tendering of the soul toward everything in creation, from the sparrow’s fall to the slave under the lash. The hard-lined face of a money-bitten financier is as deeply touching to the tendered soul as are the burned-out eyes of the miners’ children, remote and unseen victims of his so-called success. There is […]
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