Since 1843 this church has been a spiritual home for the people of Melbourne, a community of faith with its doors wide open. Whether you live or work in the city or you're visiting from some other place, know you'll always be welcome at the Collins Street Baptist Church.

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  • She’s gone
    My mum has gone. It is as hard to say as it is to feel. She is not here anymore. Gone from me. Gone from our lives. Gone from her chair and her garden, never to return. The finality of death is overwhelming. Whatever else there is, what’s now is finished. I was there when […]
  • Ordination: a pathway to uniformity?
    Routinely I meet with men and women, mostly young, who aspire to pastoral leadership. They sense a calling to the church. The most common professional pathway to this end is ordination, a rite of commissioning for pastors and priests. In every tradition it’s done differently. For some there’s a high ceremonial ritual along with a […]
  • Wisdom from Peterson
    “I am a pastor. My work has to do with God and souls — immense mysteries that no one has ever seen at any time. But I carry out this work in conditions — place and time — that I see and measure wherever I find myself, whatever time it is. There is no avoiding […]
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