Welcome to CSBC as we celebrate the first Sunday in the season of Advent.

Advent is a time of anticipation, waiting, hoping and longing. By observing this time of preparation we are able to move toward the good news of Christmas with intention and prayerfulness.

Today Simon Holt leads us in Advent liturgy and prayer, and Carolyn Francis reflects on one of the traditional readings for this Sunday from the book of Isaiah.



Welcome to CSBC Online.

Today marks the final Sunday in the church year. Next week, the season of Advent begins and a new year commences.

This Sunday is traditionally known as “The Reign of Christ” Sunday. Carolyn Francis reflects on a passage from Matthew 25 and considers what that might mean in the 21st Century.

We are led by members of the community in prayer, scripture reading and music. The service finishes with an Organ Postlude composed and performed by David Cundy.

Peace be with you.






Welcome to CSBC Online this week.

Carolyn Francis talks about Jesus, the cursed fig tree, and asks whether we have a problem with hope. Is it too easy to replace true hope with wishful thinking or delusions?

Members of our CSBC community offer prayers of gratitude and longing, and Geoff Maddock and some of the cross-cultural workers from Global Interaction invite us to join them in their weekend of prayer.

Thanks for joining us!




This Sunday we are delighted to welcome our friend, and former CSBC Minister, Rev Tim Costello to CSBC Online.

Carrying on from last week’s teaching on the opening verses of the Sermon on the Mount, Tim reflects on Matthew 5 with global issues in mind.