February Series: Home & Homelessness

In recent months, the challenges of homelessness in our city have reached a crisis point. The number of people sleeping rough has risen significantly as have tensions between retailers, police, the city council, and those who feel they have nowhere else to go. As a church, and in partnership with Urban Seed, we have been deeply concerned about these issues. Many of those sleeping on the streets are people we know and care about. But we know, too, that the answers to these challenges are complex. In this series, we want to consider the themes of home and homelessness from the perspective of our Christian faith. More importantly, we want to find ways to live that faith that make a difference in our neighbourhood. 

Contributers to this series will include the CEO of Urban Seed, David Wilson, community advocate for affordable housing, Andreana Reale, and our mission associates in Central House, Geoff and Sherry Maddock.   

Home poster